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Stunt Girl Training 1 – Custom Request Video released

This is the start of a very special series based on our customers requests! The Stunt Girl Training series shows the original unedited video with original soundtrack featuring one of our stars.

Please note these are no complete videos, instead it contains sequences of our videos as they was filmed. This was the request of you, our customers and we tried to do our best to create a clip based on your idea.

We started the series with “Keira Knight” and more Stunt Girl Training clips will follow. Feel free to join our community room in the Matrix and discuss with us and from time to time also with the models at .

The video does not contain and publish or resell rights, but these extra licenses are available on request. Feel free to contact us with any requests.

We hope you enjoy this new series!

Video: Stunt Girl Training 1 – Keira Knight