Custom Sets

Send us your ideas for your photo set or video and we will make it happen!

  • To request a “custom set” we need your ideas by email to Please send us your full story you want us to shoot for you. Be as detailed as possible and tell our models the key scenes of your dream. We will produce the photo set or video as usual at in highest quality. We only use professional Equipment and professional photographers. Our Models will let your fantasy coming true, acting as you described!
  • There are two different custom set version. Ordering the first version will give you a full photo set / video as you described in your email. will publish the photoset / video on the website at a later time. This way it is possible to reduce the costs of the photoset. The second version is a real privat photoset / video, which is available only to you. We wont publish the photo set on our website. In both cases you receive the full set in high quality with a private license for you. Except publishing or selling rights for the images and/or video you have a wonderful photo set or video of your fantasy.
  • PRICING: Our pricing is reasonable. The final price of a shooting depends on different things, like location (indoor, outdoor), one or more models, special wishes, aso. Customer support is a very importand part in our business.  That is way we send you a price quote for every request you send to us.
  • Full anonymous ordering possible. Because of the named reasonable pricing we always have to shoot 3 or 4 customs at a time to reduce our costs for the models, their travelling, aso. So production an delivery can take some time, depending on the actual order status.

We are available in case you have any problems or questions. Since 2010 our customers have the perfect user experience and our company policy is to help you with short response times. Feel free to contact us with any question

Please note that due to different time zones  it is possible we sleep the time you email us. But we are always back within 24 hours!

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