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New “Dream Girls 12” E-Book released!

All SSG Media books

We will concentrate on production of more “Dream Girls” Photo Sets and produce E-Books, Books and On-Demand Products like Posters, Mugs, Phone Cases, Mouse Pads out of these series during 2020.

Girls and Guns Sets and videos are planed as custom sets only. Feel free to contact us with your requests!

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SexySpyGirls is moving to a new site!

After releasing “Dream Girls” and “Girls and Guns” books we was asked to offer these products also in our own shop, not only on Amazon. After a long discussion we decided to remove exclusivity from Amazon, even that costs us a lot of money because the books are not more available via Amazon KOLL lending library, to make our customers happy.

As part of the decision we created a new website at and build a new store at .

Currently we offer all “Dream Girls” and “Girls and Guns” e-books there, but photo sets and videos will move to the new site too within the next weeks. Furthermore we shot new photo sets for “Dream Girls” and “Girls and Guns” in February 2020. These will be released soon too at

Some of these pictures will be released as photo sets too. There are some open slots to do custom photo shootings while we are working with the new models. Stella and others are ready for your ideas.

Depending on your requests there will be videos too, but interest moved to photo set and e-books during the last month.

Please bookmark: and subscribe to our newsletter there to stay informed about new releases.

Find a lot of new and unseen models there:

We are sure you will like the decision and love to see you on our new site too!

As one of the next steps we will move the Riot Community to SSGMEDIA too: . We love the communication via free, secure and end-to-end encrypted Open Source Riot Messenger and thinks this is the future of communication and communities.

If you already moved to Mastodon or any other ActivityPub enabled Newsfeed in the Fediverse you are able to follow us at

Thank you for your continuous support since 2008!

The SSG Media Team and Frank S.